Michael Davanzo, PhDPast Rotary District 6630 Governor 2014-2015 Michael Davanzo, Ph. D., Rotary District Trainer 2015-2017 described the structure of Rotary International following a handout he created. Davanzo spoke at the Hudson Clocktower Rotary meeting on Wednesday, August 2.

Within Rotary, there are 1,233,172 members that are organized into 35,533 clubs which are organized into 535 Zones with every two zones having a Zone Director. We are in Zone 29 which is paired with Zone 28. In 2020 our Zone will change to Zone 30.

Our Zone Director is Robert C. Knuepfer Jr. 2017-2019 and our Rotary Coordinator is Chris Etienne 6290, and our Assistant Coordinator, there are four per Zone, is Rex Engle 6600. Our Rotary Public Image Coordinator is Liz Smith 6400 and our Assistant Public Image Coordinator is Ruzhdi Bakalli 7280. Our Rotary Foundation Coordinator is Denny Crawford 7300 and the Assistant Foundation Coordinator is George Hays 6650. Our Endowment/Major Gifts person is Janet McPeek 6380 and our End Polio Now Advisor is Neil McBeth 6400. Our Rotary Foundation Trustee is Mary Beth Growney Selene.

The Zone Communication Team; Zone Communications Officer Bruce Baumberger, Technical Coordinator Tom Drewitz, Content Coordinator Jacque Andrew and Webmaster Melissa Ward.
The Zone Treasurer is Michael Ericksen and the Zone Institute Chairs which change every year are Nicki Scott and Jim Eberly.

Zone maps for Zones 28 and 29 were included in the handout as well as a complete listing for the Rotary Districts within each Zone.