Peg’s Foundation is a private, philanthropic organization committed to creating opportunities for sharing knowledge, promoting partnerships, and inspiring improvements through a broad and intentional array of activities, partnerships, and grants—just as Peg would have wanted. Since its inception, Peg's Foundation has improved the lives of people with serious mental illness by investing in innovative projects in Northeast Ohio that have state-wide and national transformational impact. 

Peg's Gallery and Foundation Home

Without question, one of the most exciting cultural developments in Hudson is Peg's Foundation's Park Lane Project. In late September 2020, the Foundation purchased a hinge property in Hudson that it will reconfigure and create connectivity to the public greens. "Our vision includes the historic presence of the Baldwin Buss House, a public-facing space for art, and our permanent legacy home." 
"We are committed to our Founder, Peg Morgan and the cultural assets of downtown Hudson. This project honors her and will prominently demonstrate her interests while keeping her present in the Hudson community and her longtime home," writes Rick Kellar, President, Peg’s Foundation.
The Park Lane Project is a collaboration of Peg's Foundation and the Baldwin-Buss House Foundation (BBHF), who will oversee the house restoration to its 1825 footprint. Peg's Foundation is working out the details of a major transformation of the land adjacent to the Park Lane Green. Peg's Foundation will build its headquarters on the Park Lane Green and a "jewel box" art gallery that will feature exhibits open to the public. The house, office and gallery will be surrounded by open space that will include gardens, public gathering places and a walkway that will connect the National Register Historic Business District and the First and Main business district, creating a campus that will have both public and private use.
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