Posted by Gerry Sawyer on Aug 23, 2018
Most people only think of the census as happening every ten years. In fact, the US Census Bureau is collecting data every day of the year. Today's speaker told us all about it.
Tim SarkoTim Sarko is a Data Disemination Specialist with the U.S. Census Bureau. He used a PowerPoint presentation to detail that he helps people make informed decisions with data. The presentation is so detailed that it is attached to this newsletter.
Tim said Hudson used the Bureau’s information on traffic studies for the downtown phase II development. Congress and government agencies, businesses, the public, researchers and universities all use the data.
The Bureau conducts more that 100 surveys which include census, housing, government, jails, retail, colleges and statistics of U.S. businesses using thousands of field representatives. There is normally a 98 percent return rate for surveys because people are usually asked more than once.
Tim showed data for Hudson that showed the population was steady but getting older and more people are living in rental units. Household size for renter units is much smaller than for owner occupied units.
10,421 people come into Hudson to work. 1,475 Hudson residents work in Hudson and 8,353 residents work outside of Hudson. If you need assistance, contact Tim.
Tim Sarko 614 600-6161
Or, check out all the reports that are available to the public by visiting the US Census Bureau online.