Posted by Gerry Sawyer
Did you know there are five generations in the US work force? Communicating across generations can be challenging.
De-de Mulliagan, is a past President of our Rotary Club and the President of the Mulligan Management Group which provides companies with expert guidence in marketing in social media and web sites.
De-de said this is the first time in history we have five generations in the U.S. work force. Communicating among five generations can be a challenge for business owners whose mission is to bring more clients to their business with limited marketing dollars and expertise.
Here is what they should know about each generation and how to communicate with them.
The Silent generation is aged from 72 to 90. They make up 3% of the work force. They are loyal, traditionalist and hardworking. Communicate with them by phone, email and direct mail. They don’t like change.
The Boomers are 55 to 72 years old. They make up 25% of the work force. They are loyal, ambitious and self-motivated. They are typically in positions of power; chief executive officers, presidents and executive directors. They are the decision makers. They buy cars and real estate. They are not interested in networking because they already have their network. Email is the way to communicate with them.
Gen x is aged 38 to 54. They make up 33% of the work force. They seek a work/life balance, are entrepreneurial and require minimum supervision. This generation looks for positions with flexible schedules, opportunity to telecommute and are not necessarily loyal to their employer. They take risks and believe promotions should be based on competency. This is the best segment to test a new product. Email and social media are the best marketing tools for this segment.
Gen y or Millennials are 21 to 37. They make up 35% of the work force. They are tech savvy, collaborative and love structure. Social media and texting apps are the best marketing tools for this group.
Gen z are 13 to 20. They make up 4% of the work force. They are tech savvy, prefer face to face meetings and transparent. They require constant feedback and love to play games. YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat and texting apps are the best marketing tools for this group.
Marketing to all five generations can be tricky, time consuming and costly. If you try to be all things to all generations your business will end up being nothing to no one. Call De-de for more details on costs. De-de Mulligan, 330 472-7673,