Hudson Ward 3 Councilman Alex Kelemen presented the Hudson Clocktower Rotary his view of the State of the City. Alex is extremely knowledgable and always engaging when talking about the city.
Alex has an MBA from Kent and owns his own company, Kelemen and Company that does language translations. He has lived in Hudson with his wife for 25 years. They have one son in college and one out of college. He is serving his second term as the Ward 3 Councilman.
Alex said the City is solid and they are looking forward to moving into the new City Hall in June.
The City Mission Statement is now printed on business cards: “We Serve, Promote and Support Professionalism ...” He has interviewed several hundred people that have applied to serve on city boards and commissions. This has given him a strong perspective on the pulse of the City. People who volunteer are looking for a way to give back and help the City.
Many communities compete for State dollars. When we got funding to improve Rt 91 with a left turn lane, many citizens were upset after reading about it in the Hub. The State usually says take it or leave it, you can’t change the project. Stoney Hill to Barlow will be improved. The project was to start at Veteran’s Way but has been modified.
Alex has talked to us about the Communications Model. What the speaker said is not always what the listener heard. Alex said we have openings on the Park Board, Tree Commission and
Enviornmental Awareness Group. He encouraged us to check out the city's new website listing Capital Projects:
Alex Kelemen can be reached at