Kelly Kempf, Director of Pupil Services

Kelly Kempf, Director of Pupil Services

The Hudson Clocktower Rotary Club had a chance to learn about the programs and finances needed to provide special education programs to children with disabilities.

Rotarian Kathryn Sines, Hudson School Treasurer, and Kelly Kempf, Director of Pupil Services, updated members on the special education program offered in Hudson schools during our luncheon meeting on Wednesday, Aug. 30 at Lager & Vine. Kelly is in charge of special education and the drug and alcohol initiatives. About 14 percent of students in Hudson are special education while the State average is 14.5 percent.

Special education involves the creation an Individual Education Program (IEP), based on the unique needs of each child. The Hudson Schools website general page under pupil services has general information on Special Education Services. For more information call the Pupil Services Office at 330 653-1426.

Kelly was asked how many families moved to Hudson to take advantage of the excellent program in Hudson. Her answer was 16 and 19 more between the time school ended and started again. Of the 409 graduating students last year about 100 were special education students. 75 percent of
these students have an invisible disability which includes speech, hearing, autism or emotional issues.

Out of the $88 million budget, $1.1 million of the general fund goes to special education plus $1.1 to $1.4 million from the Federal Goverment goes to the State and then to the school. The 75 aides are determined by the level of support each child needs based on what is best for the student.

Hudson has 8 speech therapists. After graduating from High School, most special education students go to college.