Kent Rotarian Larry Lohman

On Wednesday, July 19, Kent Rotarian Larry Lohman thanked us for supporting the El Salvador Water Project. He gave a brief talk about an opportunity to join a delegation to the 2017 Central American Sun and Water Conference. The conference will take place in Sochitoto, El Salvador, October 27-29, 2017. The delegation from Ohio will stay through November 3 in order to visit some historical and cultural sites after the conference.

During the conference, we will join a gathering of Central American community leaders and North American supporters to explore the incredible potential of using solar power to bring clean, affordable and sustainable water to rural Central Americans.

Share with us in this adventure, participate in the conference and get the opportunity to visit Solar Power Water Distribution Systems around in El Salvador.

Come stay with host families and learn first-hand about their experiences. You will also have the opportunity to visit very important historical and cultural sites to have a better understanding of this amazing country.

COST: $900 per person departing on November 3rd

$1,000 per person departing on November 4th with final day at the beach

SIGN-UP DEADLINE: August 15, 2017

Learn more at the CoCoDa website. If you’re interested in going, please contact Larry Lohman as soon as possible at 330-322-2474.