Bruce Horsfall talked about his days as a jet pilot at Webb Air Force Base in Mission, Texas. This was a period when only the Air Force had jets and they owned the sky above 30,000 feet.

He trained in the staff services computer school and soon was stationed at Molesworth in London with the 3rd Air Force. He was the fastball pitcher and after he defeated the team from Wiesbaden, he found himself transferred to Germany with the primary duty of being a pitcher for the Wiesbaden team.

While there he installed the first IBM computer in Europe. He spent five years in the Air Force, and when he retired, he ran the family business, Excelsior Marking.

In 1969 he bought a used Bluebird motor home and traveled to Florida every year to visit his sister in Orlano. In 2004, Bruce bought a new motor home with a washer/dryer, a huge kitchen, shower and three five-foot slide-outs. He loved the Bluebird and finally sold it two years ago.

Last November, he left to go South for his yearly trip. First stop was Branson, Missouri, where his Air Force hat got him into shows either free or at a large discount. He stayed in a campground 20 miles outside of town where he visited the Titanic, the largest toy museum in the world.

His trip took him to Little Rock, Arkansas, and to Texas, Nevada, California and everyplace in between. He drove across Rt. 80 to visit a sister in Fort Collins and then Rt. 70 to home.