yours-in-a-hurryAuthor Ann Otto visited Hudson Clocktower Rotary to discuss her book, Yours in a Hurry, which is being promoted through social media by De-de Mulligan’s company, Mulligan Management. The book is available for purchase on Amazon and makes a great gift.

Ann’s background is in higher education and consulting. She said writing historical fiction was a learning experience that required a deep dive into the early history of aviation. Her book has three interwoven story lines: early aviation, the founding of Hollywood, and both Corregidor and Pearl Harbor.

The 1910 Los Angeles Air Show at Dominguez Field lasted five days and wowed a nation. It led to exhibitions across the country and the beginning of barn stormers and airplane rides for Americans.

The Wright brothers, Glenn Curtiss, and Alexander Graham Bell overtook the early aviation lead of the French pilot Louis Bleriot who flew across the English Channel in 1909. One of Ann’s characters worked for the Illustrated Weekly in New York, attended air shows in Los Angeles and became the first woman to fly the Channel.


Author Ann Otto

Historical people woven into her book include D.W. Griffith of Hollywood fame and Blanche Stuart Scott, the first American aviator who drove a car across country. She was known as the tomboy of the air and flew for years while refusing to get a pilot’s license. Another aviator pioneer was Cromwell Dixon who was a teen dirigible pilot who flew an airplane over the Continental Divide. When he was 14, he was dubbed the youngest aeronaut in the world. In 1911, while flying in Spokane, Washington, his plane crashed and he was killed. He was buried in Columbus’ Greenlawn Cemetery. His flying career had lasted a little over four years.

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